Outdoor product Labels

Due to their long lifespan, durable goods and equipment are designed for outdoor use (lawnmowers, air conditioners, leaf blowers, trimmers, chain saws, pressure washers, snowblowers, power tools, and garden tools) require labels that can consistently perform in harsh environments.

  • Resistance to abrasions and to substances associated with livestock activities
  • Resistance to UV light
  • Printing of plastic tags

Labelling outdoor appliances

These types of equipment are often exposed to rain & snow, humidity, ultraviolet rays from the sun, extreme temperatures, and harsh use conditions. Therefore, product information labels on these types of equipment must be highly durable against both mechanical and environmental factors. The durability of the labels is critical for consumer information, education, and safety as these labels generally communicate safety warnings and other important information about the equipment. In addition, consumers could potentially misuse the equipment without a legible label and injure themselves/others or damage property.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this application ?

Thermal transfer printing technology for outdoor appliances labels

Thermal transfer is a print technology that is particularly well suited for printing outdoor appliances labels. The process can be used to print logos, symbols, barcodes, and alphanumeric characters on all types of print media while offering excellent durability.

For this application, we recommend the following products:

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