Pallet Identification Labels

Within your warehouse operation facility, your pallet identification labels contain details that enable your staff to identify product information correctly; this is done effectively using printed barcodes directly onto label stock.

  • Suitable for all label and character formats
  • Perfect barcode legibility

Labelling pallet products

Requirements of pallet labels

When shipping products on pallets, the size of the barcode is not regulated, but there are best practices and recommendations to consider. For example, for GS1-128 pallet barcodes, you’ll want the minimum height to be around 1.25 inches with a maximum width of about 6.5 inches.

The label stock and ribbon combination are not regulated, but it is best to consider a mid-range durable quality solution to ensure proper handling resistance.

When scanned, these labels can provide information such as:

  • Stock quantity
  • Batch numbers
  • Shipping container codes (SSCC)
  • Product description
    • Color
    • Size,
    • Case quantity
  • Global trade item numbers (GTIN)
  • And more.

The labels can be placed directly onto pallets of various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic.

Master Tag Pallet Labels

Master tags are used for inventory control, Used when smaller pallets of an identical product are combined on one larger pallet. Doing this can help you reduce space on your warehouse floor.
A pallet label will not only need to be legible by a scanner, but you will also want it to have the ability to be read by a human. Therefore, as a best practice, you will want to, or in some countries may be required, have a label on two sides of the pallet. Placing a label on two sides of your pallet will ensure the ease of scanner readability.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this application ?

Thermal Transfer Pallet label Solutions

When looking to generate a perfectly printed pallet labeling solution, you’ll want to ensure it stays intact for the amount of time needed. To achieve this, you’ll need to implement the right print technology, a wax or wax-resin thermal transfer ribbon. This print technology will deliver clean, legible, sharply printed barcodes that enable you to track and identify your stored or shipped products properly.

For this application, we recommend the following products:

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