Shipping Labels

Your shipping labels are an essential element that ensures your ability to properly track, trace and identify your products at all times. Shipping labels must remain legible to humans and most importantly to your barcode readers. To achieve this, you must implement a proper print technology solution that will guarantee the readability requirements throughout the entire journey of the product.

  • Resistant to washing processes
  • Printing of small characters
  • Compatible with numerous textile print media

Shipping Labels for Logistics

With your shipping labels, you may experience some challenges when finding the right solution. There are various elements to consider. Your packaging will be exposed to rough transport conditions and experience multiple stages of handling that will generate impact between packages and cause abrasion that can diminish the printed information and leave marks on your labels.

An additional obstacle that you could be faced with is temporary exposure to natural elements such as:

  • Rain
  • Snow
  • UV rays
  • Humidity
  • And more

Without a specially designed print solution, tracking information and accessing traceability data may become inaccessible, cause delivery delays, and even enable product losses.
Within your warehouse, you may utilize these forms of labels on various applications from e-commerce tracking, Pallets used for storage of product, cardboard box cartons, and more.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this shipping?

An Effective Solution for Warehouse & Logistics Labels

Using thermal transfer printing for your shipping labels offers an effective solution for any constraints and is fully compatible with any label containing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which are used for traceability efficiency of shipping labels. You can look for wax inks in combination with a paper label stock that will offer a solution that is suitable for short-duration shipments with little exposure to constraints that may cause deterioration.
If you’re in search of a more durable solution that can hold up within your demanding logistic environment you’ll want to consider a higher-performance wax or wax/resin thermal transfer ribbon and combined it with a coated paper label stock.

For this application, we recommend the following products:

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